Saturday, March 26, 2016

TCL-X100 Review by BigHeadTaco

Here is a review of TCL-X100 by bigheadtaco, you should probably watch this video if you are thinking of getting the teleconverter for x100 series.

The TCL-X100 convert the 23mm (35mm) lens on x100 series into 35mm (50mm) focal length, so if you shoot a lot of potrait with x100/s/t camera you probably need to get this teleconverter.

Because 50mm is the perfect focal length for portrait shoot, using the 35mm lens that comes with x100/s/t you need to get closer to your subject if you want to take a nice potrait.

Anyway, on the video bigheadtaco mentioned about weird flare when using the TCL-X100 shooting strait into the sun and there will be lens intrusion when using OVF.

So those two are the biggest drawback of using TCL-X100 on x100 series camera, another thing to keep in mind is that you need to turn on the tele conversion mode when using TCL-X100.

When you turn on the tele conversion mode it will give you the proper frame line on the view finder, specially if you use OVF, but actually you should turn on also when using EVF with TCL-X100.

If you shoot a lot of potrait stuff, then the TCL-X100 tele converter lens is a great choice, you should get one if you have x100, x100s or x100t.

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