Saturday, April 30, 2016

Film simulation bracketing on X100T

The film simulation bracketing feature on X100T lets you click the shutter button one time and produce three images, the three images can have different film simulation such as velvia, classic chrome, monochrome, etc. You can set whatever film simulation you wish to have.

It's super easy and makes shooting more convenient, specially if you are type of person who like trying different kind of film simulation, maybe this particular picture will look nicer on classic chrome, other time monochrome (black and white) is better, and sometimes velvia is nicer.

If you are that type of person, you definitely need to use the film simulation bracketing mode on X100T, to activate film simulation bracketing on X100T, simply press the 'drive' button and then scroll down and choose 'FILM SIMULATION BKT'.

To set the film simulation for the three images, you can press the 'Menu OK' button and then under 'SHOOTING MENU' number 1, scroll down and select the 'FILM SIMULATION BKT', set your film simulation for FILM 1, FILM 2 and FILM 3, now you are ready to shoot.

Film simulation bracketing is a nice feature, but it has some drawback, the biggest drawback is that it will makes shooting slower, because there is a delay between each shoot, the delay is because the camera need times to produce the three images.

So when shooting with film simulation bracketing (or any other bracketing actually), after taking one shoot the camera will not immediately ready for the next shoot, and you might think having faster memory card will help this issue, but it won't.

Don't use film simulation bracketing if you shoot something with fast moving action or if you shoot repeatedly in a quick change environment. Film simulation bracketing is definitely not suitable for sport and street photography with fast moving subject.

Another drawback with film simulation bracketing is that your memory card will fill up quickly than normal, because basically you take three pictures every time you press the shutter button.

If you like trying different film simulation but don't want to use the film simulation bracketing mode because it's slow (have delay), you can take advantage of the built in RAW conversion on X100T, simply shoot in RAW and then convert it to JPEG with your desired film simulation.