Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome to my blog

Hi guys, welcome to my blog, this blog is all about fujifilm X100T, a new camera that i just bought recently as replacement for my dslr kit.

Yeah i came from dslr world, where everything is big and heavy, i started to look for small camera that have the same or even better image quality.

But this is not the first time i have fujifilm camera, besides dslr camera, i also have fujifilm XE1 interchangeable mirrorless camera.

Now that i have X100T, i'm start thinking to completely remove my dslr kit and just shoot with my mirrorless camera XE1 and X100T.

The reason why i bought fujifilm X100T instead of buying new x-series body to replace my XE1 is because i need a small camera that i can take wherever i go.

Fujifilm X100T is the best choice for that, image quality of this camera is fantastic, it's small and compact size, have both OVF and EVF.

Prior to X100T, I was confuse between X100T or buying new x-series body which is the fujifilm XT-10, but then i decided to buy X100T because of the size which i can take it wherever i go, and that means i'll be shooting more pictures with it.

I'm super happy with my choice on X100T, and i'm super excited to bring it with me on my next trip. I create this blog to share my thought about X100T and share some tips tricks if possible.

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