Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FujiFilm X100T Black Noir Unboxing

I decided to buy the black version of fujifilm X100T (black noir) instead of the silver version because i want less attention when shooting with this camera.

So here's the unboxing of fujifilm X100T black version, there is nothing special about the packaging of X100T, it's not as luxurious as the packaging of X-Pro1 camera.

Inside the box of fujifilm X100T you will get these stuff:
  1. FujiFilm X100T camera
  2. Lens cap
  3. NP-95 rechargeable battery
  4. BC-65N battery charger
  5. Cable for the battery charger
  6. USB cable
  7. Shoulder strap
  8. Metal strap clip
  9. Protective cover
  10. Clip attaching tool
  11. Warranty booklet
  12. Owner's manual (Basic operations) 
I'm little bit disappointed because i don't get the full version of the owner's manual inside my X100T box, fuji only give me the basic manual book (basic operations), which is useless for me.

To get the full version of X100T owner's manual, i need to read or download it online, i don't understand why they don't include the full version inside the box.

For me manual book is very important specially for digital cameras, when i'm buy a new camera, i always read the manual first before i go out and start taking pictures with it.

The other thing that i think should be in the box is cleaning cloth or carrying bag just like the one we found on fujifilm XF lenses box. This would really help to prevent scratch when putting the X100T inside camera bag.

From the box, we can see that it's made in japan, on the camera itself also says "made in japan" which is good, because i think people wouldn't buy this camera if it's made in china (just kidding). 

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