Friday, October 2, 2015

FujiFilm X100T Review

Alright it's time for me to make a review of fujifilm X100T, this review is based on my one week using the camera and from photo enthusiast point of view.

When i got my X100T, i check the firmware version and it was version 1.00, so just to remind you that this review also based on that firmware version.

I never had the original X100 or the X100S, so this is the first time i have X100 series camera, my expectation is to have all purpose walk around, bring every where with me camera with X100T.

And when the first time i pick up X100T i feel that the camera is smaller than i thought it would be, it's also lightweight, so it match with my expectation, i can bring this camera where ever i go.

The Design and Handling
The design of X100T is amazing, it has a cool retro looks which is why people are buying this camera, and if you look at all X-series cameras they have the same classic design.

Having X100T is like having a film camera but digital, it feels like you are shooting with film camera but it's actually digital, you get all the benefit of digital camera.

When you hold X100T on your hands, it feels very solid very sturdy camera, the exposure compensation dial is now stiffer than X100/X100S, so you won't accidentally rotate the dial.

The aperture ring is now adjust in third stop increment but the mark is on full stop increment, and it has a great sound and feel when you rotate the aperture ring.

I heard that on X100/X100S the lens cap is very loose, people are complaining about it, where on X100T the lens cap is now super stiff, so it won't fall off easily.

The New Features
I don't agree with people/reviewer saying that X100T is a minor upgrade over X100S, because it actually comes with many improvement and new features.

The biggest improvement over the X100S is probably the electronic range finder feature, so now on X100T we have 3 modes: EVF, OVF, and ERF (Electronic Range Finder).

The wifi capability is also great on this camera, you can transfer images (JPEG) and video from X100T to your android or iphone, and it's very easy to do.

You can also control the camera using wireless remote function, with this feature you can shoot without looking through the camera, simply use your phone to take pictures, all the settings (ISO, aperture, etc) can be adjust on your phone.

X100T is capable of charging battery using usb cable, just like a smartphone, so that's a good feature specially for traveling and you don't want to bring the battery charger with you.

X100T comes with both mechanical shutter as well as electronic shutter, the electronic shutter can go up to 1/32000 sec.

What i like about X100T
  • The image quality of X100T is amazing, i was blown away when i first got the camera and took several photos.
  • I found shooting with X100T allows you to shoot stealth and silent, perfect for shooting on the street or traveling or where you want less attention while taking pictures.
  • I love shooting with X100T on OVF (Optical View Finder) mode and the new ERF (Electronic Range Finder) is brilliant.
  • I really enjoy transferring images that i took with X100T to my android phone using the wifi feature on X100T, it's a very handy feature and i use it all the time.
  • The wireless remote feature also very handy, you can take pictures without looking through the camera, you can take pictures with X100T using a smartphone (android/iphone).
  • The usb charging is also nice to have, you don't have to take out the battery to charge, simply plug X100T to a laptop for example using standard usb cable and it will charge the battery.
  • The electronic shutter on X100T allows you to have super fast shutter speed up to 1/32000 sec.

What i don't like about X100T
  • The battery life is not that good and also the battery indicator inside the camera is not very accurate in my opinion.
  • It doesn't have weather sealing, X100T is not a weather resistant camera, i want to see the next version of this camera with weather resistant capabilities.

X100T may not be the best camera for every body, but it is a perfect camera for street photography and every day walk around camera, it's also very good camera for travel photographer and documentary photographer.

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