Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to take photo with blur background using X100T

One of the most popular technique in photography is blurring the background (or foreground) of a photo, which photographer often refer as 'bokeh' or shallow/narrow depth of field.

To create photo with bokeh effect or shallow/narrow depth of field, you need to remember three important things, first is aperture, second is focal length, and the third is your distance to the subject you are shooting.

Shallow/narrow depth of field (bokeh) determined by three things :
  1. aperture, the bigger the aperture (the smallest f number) the more shallow/narrow the depth of field, the more bokeh effect you get.
  2. focal length, long focal length have more chance of getting great bokeh effect than short focal length.
  3. your distance to the subject determine the depth of field, the closer you are to the subject the more bokeh effect you get.
Rule number one, the biggest aperture for X100T is at f 2.0, that's the maximum aperture for X100T, so if you want to take photos with shallow/narrow depth of field you need to set your aperture to f 2.0, you will get the maximum bokeh effect on this aperture setting.

Rule number two, since X100T have fix focal length which is 23mm or 35mm on full frame, we can forget about rule number two because there is no way to change focal length. Except if you have tele converter lens for X100 series.

If you attach the tele converter lens (TCL-X100) on X100T, it will convert the 23mm lens (35mm on ff) into 50mm (that's 50mm on full frame), the 50mm focal length have better bokeh than the 35mm focal length.

Rule number three, getting closer to your subject will increase the shallow depth of field that means you will get more bokeh, plus if the background is far away from the subject that will create better bokeh too.

How to take photo with blur (out of focus) background using X100T
  1. set your aperture to f 2.0
  2. get the tele coverter lens (TCL-X100) if you can
  3. get closer to your subject, put the focus area on your subject, don't put the focus area on the background.

So here's an example of bokehlicious photo that i took with my X100T.

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