Saturday, October 3, 2015

X100T black or silver, which one should i buy?

There are two color of X100T available on the market, the black version (black noir) and the silver version (silver argent), so which one should you get?

Honestly in my opinion, the silver version is more stylish and cooler than the black version, that means the silver X100T could attract more attention.

Since i want less attention when i go out shoot on the street, i decided to pick up the black version of X100T instead of the silver version.

To me, the black is more stealth, combined with the silent shutter sound (leaf shutter i believe what they called it), makes X100T a perfect street photography camera.

So i think it depends on your shooting style, if you like me who prefer less attention when shooting, then get the black X100T, otherwise get the silver one because it's more stylish.

And if you already have accessories for X100 series, such as the wide conversion and the tele conversion lens, make sure it match the color of your X100T. So that's something to consider also when buying X100T.

But either the black or the silver of X100T, i think you will be happy with your choice, because X100T is such a great camera.

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