Friday, October 16, 2015

How to connect X100T with smartphone

One of the biggest change on X100T over the previous model, besides the ERF is the wifi capability, with X100T you can transfer images to smartphone using wifi as well as controlling the camera wirelessly.

To be able do that you must install fujifilm apps on your smartphone, the apps available on both app store/iTunes (iOS) and play store (android), so basically you can use either apple iphone/ipad or any android based smartphones/tablets, like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.

On google play store (android) there are three apps from fujifilm (camera app, photo receiver, and camera remote), i found that only photo receiver and camera remote that's working with my LG smartphone (android 4.1.2 jelly bean).

So use only the photo receiver and camera remote app if you are using android smartphone/tablet with X100T. Actually besides controlling the camera, the camera remote app can also be use to transfer images, so probably this is the only app that we need for X100T.

How to connect X100T to smartphone:
  1. download the fujifilm photo receiver or camera remote app on play store, or if you are iphone/ipad users download photo receiver or camera remote from app store (iTunes).
  2. turn on your X100T, press the wifi button
  3. on your phone go to wifi setting and select wifi access point from your X100T (mine is called FUJIFILM-X100T-3031, yours might be different).
  4. open the app and press connect, wait until the phone and the camera are connected.

When you press the wifi button on X100T, it will automatically recognize the previous connection from your last device that's connected to the X100T.

So if you want to use other device (other phones/tablet), while the wifi on X100T is active you need to press the menu/ok button so that X100T can look for other device.

If you are android users, i highly recommend using camera remote instead of photo receiver for your X100T, since the camera remote app can also transfer images to your phone and photo receiver app is limited to 30 photos per session.

If you having problem connecting X100T to your smartphone, try to reboot your phone and try again, sometimes it doesn't work for the first time and works on the second time.

Tested and working well on these smartphones :
  • LG with jelly bean 4.1.2
  • Sony with ice cream sandwich 4.0.4

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