Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FujiFilm X100T film simulation modes

Fujifilm X100T comes with several film simulation modes, these film simulation simulates the look and feel of a film in the film camera, such as velvia, astia, etc.

Keep in mind that film simulation mode is available for JPEG only, so if you shoot RAW it will do nothing for you, unless you choose RAW+JPEG.

The classic chrome is the newest film simulation for X100T, it simulate the look and feel of kodak chrome from the film era. This is the first time fuji create film simulation based on other company.

Here is list of film simulation that's available on fujifilm X100T:

Provia / standard (STD)
ideal for wide range of subjects.

Velvia / vivid (V)
vibrant reproduction, ideal for landscape and nature.

Astia / soft (S)
softer color and contrast for more subdued look.

Classic chrome (CC)
soft color and enhanced shadow contrast for a calm look.

Pro Neg.Hi (NH)
ideal for potrait with slightly enchanced constrast.

Pro Neg.Std (NS)
ideal for potrait with soft gradations and skin tones.

Monochrome (B)
shoots in black and white.

Monochrome+ Ye filter (BY)
slightly enchances contrast and darkens skies.

Monochrome+ R filter (BR)
enhances contrast and darkens skies considerably.

Monochrome+ G filter (BG)
produces pleasing skin tones in potrait.

Sepia (SEPIA)
shoots in sepia tones.

Most of the time i take photos with velvia film simulation because i like the color of it, specially for landscape, and sometimes i also switch to classic chrome and black and white, depend on the situation.

How to change film simulation mode on X100T
You change from one film simulation to another by going to the 'shooting menu' (press the menu/ok button) scroll down to 'FILM SIMULATION' and then press the D-pad right button (or just press ok), you will see the film simulation selection, choose the one that you want to use and press the ok button.

You can also change film simulation mode by pressing the Q button, under the white balance icon, there is a film simulation icon.

If you want to change film simulation quickly without having to go through the menu, you can press the D-pad left button while you are shooting.

X100T have 7 customizable function buttons, and by default one of those buttons is for selecting film simulation mode, which is the D-pad left button.

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