Saturday, October 10, 2015

FujiFilm X100T test shots

So here's some photos that i took, the first night i got my X100T, these photos are taken indoor inside my house and the subject is my other camera which is fujifilm XE1 with some lenses.

I play little bit with some film simulation mode that X100T has built in and i don't use any flash here, just available light.

F4, ISO 800, astia film simulation

F4, ISO 800, black and white film simulation

F4, ISO 800, sephia film simulation

F4, ISO 800, standard

F4, ISO 800, velvia film simulation

I also try the new film simulation mode on X100T, which is classic chrome, the classic chrome is simulating kodak chrome looks and feel on film camera.

F2, ISO 100, classic chrome film simulation

F2, ISO 100, velvia film simulation

This is just a sample photos or test shots that i took with my X100T, next time i will be posting real life photo, perhaps some landscape or street photography photos.

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