Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to check firmware version FujiFilm X100T

In this article i will show you how to check firmware version on fujifilm X100T camera. We all know that fujifilm is always improving or adding new feature to their cameras through firmware updates.

That's why we need to know which firmware version we have on our camera. Before we do the firmware upgrade we need to know the current firmware version of our camera, in this case X100T.

To check firmware version on X100T is actually quite easy to do, just press the display/back button while turning on the camera.

Step by step how to check firmware version fujifilm X100T:
  1. turn off the camera
  2. press and hold display/back button
  3. while pressing the display/back button turn on the camera
  4. you will see the firmware upgrade screen and you should see also the current firmware version of your X100T
  5. to exit, press display/back button or just turn off the camera.
Where is the display/back (DISP BACK) button located??
In case you don't know where the display/back button is. It's located on the back of the camera above the "MADE IN JAPAN" writing or below the directional pad buttons.

With the same method you can also check firmware version on other cameras such as the original X100 and X100s, and also other X-series cameras basically.

As you can see my X100T still running on firmware 1.00, which is the oldest firmware for X100T, and i'm not going to upgrade soon because i still need to make a full review based on this firmware version.

But when i'm done i definitely upgrade my X100T firmware to the latest one, and of course i will be posting article on how to upgrade X100T firmware on this blog, so stay tune.

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