Monday, October 26, 2015

Understanding metering on X100T

Like most X-series cameras, there are three different metering system available on fujifilm X100T, the questions is which metering system should i use? on what condition should i switch from one metering to another?

You got three metering system on X100T which is multi, spot, and average, let me explain one by one, so you could understand them better.

Multi metering
The multi metering system is determining the exposure by measuring based on composition, color and brightness distribution across the whole frame.

Basically multi metering system is an 'intelligent' light meter system for the whole frame and pattern. Therefore multi metering is suitable for wide range of shooting conditions.

That's why by default on X100T the metering system is set on 'Multi', so if you don't know what you are doing, just simply select multi metering, it's suitable for general use.

I believe multi metering on fujifilm is same or equal as matrix metering system on nikon cameras.

Spot metering
The second metering system on X100T is the spot metering, this metering system is confusing for most people, because it doesn't work as the name of the metering itself.

Spot metering is calculated based on the center of the frame equivalent 2% of total, so basically spot metering is center weighted metering.

Spot metering on fujifilm cameras are not the same as spot metering on nikon cameras. On nikon, spot metering is based on users chosen autofocus point, well this not the same as spot metering on fuji.

If you coming from nikon, don't let the word 'spot' fools you, it is a center weighted metering, measured by the center of the frame.

Spot metering on fujifilm work best for potrait shoot, because it will make sure the person face you are photographing are correctly exposed.

Spot metering on fujifilm could also work on condition where the background is much brighter than the main subject (back lit).

Average metering
The last metering system on X100T is the average metering system, just like it sounds, average metering is measured based on entire frame.

Average metering is measured based on entire frame and there is no priority in weighting given to the center of the frame.

Therefore, average metering provides consistent exposure across multiple shots with the same lighting, and is particularly effective for landscapes and portraits of subjects dressed in black or white.  

How to change metering system on X100T?
To switch from one metering system to another on X100T is very easy, you can use the trash can button (above the wifi button) for quick access to the metering system.

Or you can go through the 'Shooting Menu' and then go to tab number 4, and finally choose 'photometry' and set your metering from there.


  1. Spot metering is available on the X100T too.
    There is an option in the menu 4, to interlock spot ae & focus area. Set it to on and you can spot on every af point.
    Not that useful for quick shooting, but you have the option.