Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FujiFilm X100T battery charger

Here is the BC-65N battery charger that came with fujifilm X100T, you can charge the NP-95 battery with this battery charger.

With bigger and higher resolution LCD screen on X100T, makes the battery life on X100T is very short specially if you shoot with LCD and EVF so much.

When the battery dies, you need to charge it right away, so you also want to carry the battery charger with you specially if you are travelling.

But the good thing about X100T, is that now we can charge the battery using USB cable, simply plug X100T to computer with USB cable and it will charge the battery.

The USB charging feature on fuji X100T is very handy, very nice feature to have, but of course the USB charging is not as fast as the battery charger, so you might still carry around the battery charger with you.


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