Saturday, October 3, 2015

What's T on X100T means??

If you are like me who never had the original X100 or the X100S, and jump straight to X100T, you might wondering what's the meaning of T on X100T.

I believe the letter T on X100T means 'Third', because X100T is the third generation of the series, the third iteration of the series.

And the S letter on X100S means second, or second generation of X100 series camera, so the next version after X100T, it would be X100F, the fourth generation of X100 series.

I hope that X100F (or X200) is not coming very soon, because i just got the X100T, i expect X100F to come out somewhere in 2017 and should have newer sensor, X-Trans CMOS 3 perhaps?

I think fujifilm should release X-Pro2 before releasing the fourth generation of X100 series, because people are waiting for that camera to come out.

Imagine having retro style camera that have sophisticated technology like X100T and still be able to change lenses, that's what X-Pro2 would look like, amazing stuff !!

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