Thursday, October 8, 2015

Download FujiFilm X100T Owner's Manual Book

When i got my X100T from local store in my country, i didn't get the full manual book (owner's manual) inside the box. Instead i only get the basic version of the owner's manual.

It's little bit dissapointed, because i need the full manual book for this camera, since i'm new to the series (X100 series). When i purchase a new camera i'm always read the manual first before i go out and shoot with it.

Luckily, i still able to get the full version of X100T owner's manual by downloading from fujifilm's website. So here's the download link for that:

Everything that we need to know about X100T is on that manual book, so i recommend for every X100T users to read it, specially if you are like me, first time coming to the X100 series camera.

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