Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to enable macro mode on X100T

Fujifilm X100T does have macro mode just like most X-series cameras, which enables you to take close-ups photos.

You can enable/activate macro mode by pressing the D-pad up button, pressing it once will activate macro and press again will deactivate the macro mode.

Besides the D-pad up button, you can also activate macro mode from the shooting menu. Press menu/ok button and select on 'AUTOFOCUS SETTING', then select 'MACRO' to enable or disable it.

Keep in mind that the macro mode on X100T will be on EVF or LCD only, the macro mode will not work with optical view finder, because of the parallax thing.

So if you are in optical view finder and then press the D-pad up button (macro mode), the view finder will switch automatically to electronic view finder.

Actually, when you are in EVF or LCD mode you still can take photos of something very close, but it is very slow, using the macro mode you can focus at close distance faster.

X100T is not the perfect camera for macro photography, but it's a good thing that this camera have the ability to take close-ups photos.

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