Saturday, October 10, 2015

USB Charging on FujiFilm X100T

One of the different of X100T over the previous model X100/X100S, is that now we can charge the battery via usb cable (usb charging).

So we don't have to take out the battery to charge, simply plug X100T to the computer using usb cable and the battery will charge.

And the good thing is, unlike most old digital cameras that have mini usb port, X100T have a standard micro usb port, that means we can use our smartphone (non iphone) usb cable on X100T.

So when travelling you only need to bring one usb cable with you and it can be use to charge battery on X100T as well as your smartphone (except iphone).

In addition to that, if you have, you can also bring an usb power bank/power brick/battery pack for travel, it will works also with X100T.

If your X100T is turn off and then you do the usb charging, you will see a orange light on the back of X100T, that means the battery is charging. The light will go off if the battery is fully charged.

And if your X100T is turn on and you do the usb charging, you will see the battery indicator with little lightning on it, that means the battery is currently charging, the light on the back of X100T won't turn on.

Of course usb charging will be slower compared with charging using the battery charger, but it's something nice to have on a camera that we take everywhere we go.

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