Friday, December 25, 2015

How to save battery life on FujiFilm X100T

Compared with the previous model, fujifilm X100T have bigger and brighter LCD screen on the back, wifi functions, and also better EVF refresh rate. All of those improvements makes the battery life on X100T run out faster.

We can say that X100T is consume more battery than the previous model X100S and X100, so the question is how to save battery life on X100T? In this article i will give you some tips on how to save battery life for fujifilm X100T.

How to save battery life fujifilm X100T:
  • 1. Use OVF more often
You can save battery life by using optical view finder (OVF) on X100T, it might be a little bit awkward using OVF, but you just need to get used to it. And there are some situation that it's better to use EVF, but for the most part use OVF to save battery life on X100T. 
  • 2. Switch to view finder mode only 
Switching to "view finder mode only" is also a good idea to save battery life on X100T, by doing this you will not use the back LCD screen, which will save the battery life on your X100T. Use the view finder if you want to see pictures that you are taken, don't use the LCD.
  • 3. Minimize the usage of WiFi functions
By minimizing the usage of WiFi functions on X100T can also save battery life, X100T is the first X100 series that have WiFi functions, like transfering images to your phone, control the camera remotely using smartphone, or printing wirelessly to fuji instax SP1 printer. If you can minimize these activities it can save battery life on your X100T.
  • 4. Minimize the usage of the back LCD screen
X100T have bigger and higher screen resolution on the back compared with the previous model, that makes it power hungry if you use it all the time, so minimize the usage of the LCD screen definitely can save the battery life. 
  • 5. Turn on power saving mode
Always turn on the power saving mode on X100T if you want to save battery life on it, when the power saving mode is on, your camera will turn off after not use for a few minutes, you can wake up by pressing the shutter button half way down. 
  • 6. Buy at least one extra/spare battery
After all effort to save battery life, in the end you still need spare battery for your X100T, you should have at least one extra battery, you don't need to buy the original battery from fuji, save your money by buying third party battery, works the same.

All right that's it my 6 tips on how to save battery life for X100T, maybe you have better tips, please comment down below. 

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