Friday, January 1, 2016

FujiFilm X100T accessories

The great thing about fujifilm cameras is that they make accessories for one model compatible with other model, like all of the X100 accessories can be use on X100S and X100T and vice versa.

So i want to talk about accessories for X100 series and my thought about it. I'm not going to talk about third party accessories, i just want to give my opinion about accessories that made by fuji.

Hot-soe flash EF-X20
EF-X20 flash is probably one of the best compact flash for X100 series, it has metal body, although it's not made in japan, EF-X20 is made in china. This flash is really good if you want something small and compact. The only downside is that this flash doesn't tilt.

Hot-soe flash EF-20
Unlike the X20 flash, the EF-20 flash can tilt 90 degree, so you can bounce the light to the ceiling for example. It has guide number of 20 so just like EF-X20, it's definitely better than the onboard flash that came with X100 series.

Hot-soe flash EF-42
The EF-42 is a big size flashgun for fuji X series, it has bigger power than the compact flash such as EF-20 and EF-X20, but i think it doesn't suit the style of X100 series, i think it's too big.

Remote release RR 90
The RR 90 remote cable release is a remote release from fujifilm which works with X100T and X100 series in general. You will need this remote release if you are a long exposure person.

Tele conversion lens TCL-X100
If you like to shoot portrait and you need shallower depth of field with X100 series, you might want to put the tele converter lens for X100 series, TCL-X100. This tele converter lens makes your X100 series become a 50mm prime shooter.

Wide conversion lens WCL-X100
If you think the 23mm (35 mm FF) focal length is not wide enough, you can put in the wide converter lens, WCL-X100. It will convert the 35mm lens on X100T into 28mm focal length, which some people might think little pointless. 

Stereo microphone MIC-ST1
If you like recording movie with X100T, you might want to consider buying the ST1 stereo mic, in order to have a better sound quality. X100T does have stereo mic input and it's a must have accessory if you like to record movie with X100T.

Adapter ring AR-X100
AR-X100 is an adapter ring for fuji X100 series, you need this adapter ring if you want to put screw in filter to the front of the lens.

Lens hood LH-X100
LH-X100 is a special lens hood for X100 series, works well for X100, X100S and X100T, the problem is the price, it's quite expensive, i suggest get the similar lens hood from third party manufacture.

Lens filter PRF-49S
PRF-49S is an UV filter for X100, X100S and X100T, it's quite expensive so i'm not recommending this accessory, you better get third party filter if you ever need one.

Leather case LC-X100S
LC-X100S is a premium leather case which originally design for X100S, but of course it's also compatible with the original X100 and X100T. This leather case is not cheap, you can also pick up third party leather case but also very expensive, i guest you should get this one if you need a leather case for your X100T.

Hand grip MHG-X100
If you have a big hands, you might want to purchase MHG-X100 hand grip which works well with X100, X100S and X100T. But putting this hand grip makes the camera looks bigger.

Grip belt GB-001
If you don't like to use camera strap that came with X100T, you can purchase a grip belt GB-001, which works very well on X100T.

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