Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tripod for FujiFilm X100T

You will need a tripod if you want your images to be sharp, specially when you do long exposure you don't want to handheld your camera when use slow shutter speed.

Luckily for us X100T and X100/S users, buying tripod is not difficult thing because the camera is small and lightweight so we don't need the most expensive tripod, any tripod is good.

You can get a cheap tripod for X100T and it's fine, and for me honestly i don't mind using a cheap tripod, besides no one care if you are using cheap tripod or not.

The most important thing is the tripod works, X100T is small and lightweight and it would be great if you have small tripod that's just as compact as the camera itself.

I found that i can use my smartphone tripod with X100T, it's small and compact but it's not very high, so mostly i do low angle photos with this kind of tripod.

Some people also like using flexible mini tripod, such as gorilla pod, it's just as small as smartphone tripod that i own, it can fit on a small bag.

Besides smartphone tripod, i also use regular size tripod with my X100T, i have fotopro digi-9300 tripod which costs around $30 US dollar.

So you don't need super expensive manfrotto like tripod for X100T, a $30-$40 dollar tripod is good enough for X100T, save your money for something else. 

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