Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why X100T have shutter count?

Okay, let's talk about shutter count on X100 series camera, all three X100 cameras (X100, X100S, X100T) have shutter count displayed on the menu. Why it has shutter count? does it matter to you? how long the shutter life cycle?

On X100T, you can view the number of shutter count from the 'SHOOTING MENU', scroll down and choose the blue wrench icon number 2 (SET-UP), scroll down and select the 'SHUTTER COUNT'.

The shutter count on X100 series camera is incremented each time the camera is turned off, playback mode is selected, or the OVF is activated. So the shutter count not just counted from number of the shutter button is press, but also when turn on/off the camera, playback mode is selected and the OVF activated.

Why is it like that? that's because the nature of leaf shutter, all X100 series camera uses leaf shutter instead of the traditional focal plane shutter, so for example when you press the on/off switch you actually activate the leaf shutter therefore it is counted as shutter count. 

Shutter count on X100/S/T is not just the amount of times the shutter has been clicked but also every time the shutter is activated, such as when turn the camera on/off which actually activate the leaf shutter or the leaf shutter is actually being clicked.

So keep in mind that these activity will trigger the leaf shutter and counted as shutter count:
  1. clicking the shutter button
  2. turn on and off the camera
  3. switch to OVF mode
  4. switch to playback mode
And for how long the life rate or the life cycle of the leaf shutter on X100/S/T, no one really knows, it's hard to tell, but according to fuji it will last longer than the camera itself. If that so, why fuji have to display this kind of information, it's not very useful in my opinion.

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