Monday, June 20, 2016

Changyin CY-20 flash with X100T

I always want to get an external flash for my X100T, but as i am not a professional photographer (i'm just enthusiast/hobbies photographer), i don't want to spend a lot of money on buying expensive flash gear.

What i want is just a cheap external flash, that can light my subject properly, so i start looking online and i found this very cheap made in china flash called CY-20 Changyin.

Since it's very cheap, i decided to give it a try, the size of CY-20 speedlite is quite small, that's also another reason why i bought this flash, because of the size, it looks good when you put it on X100T. 

The built quality of this speedlite is all plastic, i don't see any metal, except on the bottom of the flash, you can't expect the built quality to be nice, this is a $9 dollar speedlite.

What surprise me though, the flash can be tilt 90 degree up, which can be handy, you can bounce the light up on the ceiling, but there is no diffuser, and you can't adjust the power of the speedlite.

CY-20 speedlite have guide number 20, according to the spec, but you can't adjust the power, so it's always on full power. You can control the power by adjusting your aperture on X100T.

And by the way, you are going to be on full manual with this flash, no TTL since this flash is not meant to be for fujifilm cameras.

Honestly, i don't recommend this flash for anyone at all, but if you are just want something cheap, you could give it a try, for cheap flash my recommendation would be yongnuo speedlite, that's much better than this.

Besides this CY-20 speedlite, i also purchased a wireless radio trigger called 'PT-04NE', which also a cheap one, but it costs more than the speedlite itself. I need a radio trigger because i want to do off camera flash, that's the reason why i need external flash in the first place.

Tips if you want to shoot CY-20 with X100T 

  • set your aperture manually
  • set your shuter speed manually
  • set your ISO to the lowest ISO, which is ISO 100
  • adjust the power of the speedlite by adjusting your aperture and moving the speedlite closer or away from the subject
  • do a test shoot, to see the result, make experiments
  • adjust the white balance manually

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