Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sample photos taken with X100T and CY-20 flash

On previous post, i didn't show you any photos taken with changyin CY-20 flash, so i thought on this post i will show you some sample images from my photo shoot, using CY-20 speedlite and X100T. 

Keep in mind, i'm not a professional photographer, i'm just a hobby photographer, and this photo shoot is just about me testing the speedlite and learn more about photography.

Oh..and also, for this photo shoot, i didn't use any light modifier like softbox or umbrella (because i don't have one), so basically on all of these photos is hard light coming from the CY-20 speedlite.

On the last photo, you can see the CY-20 flash in the frame, i put it on a small tripod on the ground, the speedlite tilting up little bit, lighting the subject face.

None of these photos are edited, these are JPEG straight from camera, i only reduce the resolution size of the photo in photoshop for smaller file size.

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