Monday, July 4, 2016

A cheap sling-style camera strap for X100T

quick strap sling for fujifilm X100T

Besides a cheap speedlite, i also use a cheap sling style camera strap for my X100T, if you know the famous brand for sling strap called 'black rapid', this is something like that but way more cheaper.

I always want a sling strap for my camera, after i watch zack arias on youtube, he was using X100S and X-Pro1 on his black rapid strap, it's so cool and i want one.

But after i look online and see the price, i knew i couldn't afford it, too expensive for me, for just a camera strap. But then i saw one of my friend who shoot DSLR using a sling strap, but it's not a black rapid.

It turn out to be a chinese made sling strap, they called it 'quick strap' with the 'K' letter on it, instead of 'R' like the one on black rapid strap. This is a chinese version of black rapid sling strap, cost about $9 dollar which is very very cheap compared with black rapid.

Of course the black rapid is more solid, it's a better quality strap overall, that's why it's more expensive, and for those who can't afford black rapid, the chinese sling strap is good alternative.

Judging from the material, the 'quick strap' seems not suitable for big camera and big lenses, although it's still okay for small DSLR with small lenses, i wouldn't use this strap for big and heavy DSLR for sure, but if you use mirrorless camera like X100T, this camera strap is recommended.

quick strap sling for fujifilm X100T

quick strap sling for fujifilm X100T

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