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FujiFilm X100F review

FujiFilm X100F review

Okay, it's time for me to do a review for X100F, note that i don't own the camera, i only borrow it from my friend for one week, so this review is based on one week usage of the camera.

The Handling
The X100F feels good in the hands, but camera body is slightly thicker and heavier than X100T, most people probably won't realize it, unless comparing it side by side.

The on/off switch on X100F is not easily to turn on like the one on X100T, which is good and the position of the movie record button is now deeper so you don't have to worry that you accidentally press it.

The X100F now have front wheel dial, which for me is very useful, you can customize this button for anything you like such as changing iso, aperture or anything else, the front wheel dial is something that i wish i had on my X100T.

Another good addition on X100F is the focus selector joystick, i'm type of person that move the focus point a lot when shooting, moving around the focus point with a joystick on X100F is so much easier and faster, i love it!

Fuji also add ISO dial from X-Pro2 to the X100F, with this feature you can set the ISO even when the camera is turn off. But this ISO dial is not very practical when you want to change ISO while shooting with the viewfinder.

On the back the button layout is much cleaner, everything is on the right side now, there are no buttons on the left side, so with X100F it is easier to operate with just one hand.

Overall the handling and user experience on X100F is much improved over the previous version (X100T), Basically, X100F is still the good looking old school style camera that we know but with more buttons and dials and better ergonomic.

FujiFilm X100F review

The New Features
X100F have digital teleconverter feature just like X70, but in different focal length, on X100F is 50mm and 75mm focal length. Digital teleconverter is basically a digital crop, so the camera let you crop the image to get different focal length experience.

Unfortunately, this digital teleconverter only works in JPEG mode, not in raw, maybe fuji could make this digital teleconverter in raw mode, just like the one on leica q camera, that would be nice.

Besides the digital teleconverter, you also have choice for teleconverter lens 28mm and 50mm, the old teleconverter lens (TCL-X100 and WCL-X100) will works fine on X100F, but there are new version that specifically design for X100F.

The new acros film simulation is great addition, i wish i had this film simulation on my X100T, i always love shoot in black in white, i absolutely love acros.

FujiFilm X100F review

The Image Quality
Let's talk about image quality, X100F has a new sensor 24 mega pixels X-Trans CMOS version 3, which the same as X-Pro2, X-T2, and X-T20, so technically in terms of image quality, X100F has the same as the image quality as the other X-Trans 3 cameras, minus the lens of course.

But when i compare images coming from X100F with the images from X100T, honestly i don't see much of a difference in terms of image quality, maybe the F have a better dynamic range, but that's all, i don't even see it clearly in the photos that i took.

This probably because of the lens, it's still the same 23mm F2.0, which sharp starting at F2.8 and above, but very soft around the edge at F2.0. I think if fuji came out with new lens on X100F, it could maximize the sensor, the image quality would be better than the rest of X100 series.

FujiFilm X100F review

The Video Quality
Although X100F and X-Pro2 have the same sensor and processor as the X-T2 and X-T20, X100F and X-Pro2 only shoot video at maximum full HD 1080p resolution. You probably don't really care about this because most people buying this camera for still image.

The good thing is the full HD video on X100F is much more improve over the previous X100T, the video quality is good, as good as the one on X-Pro2. Again you probably don't care about this, but for those who care, just let you know that you can shoot good quality 1080p video on X100F.

FujiFilm X100F review

My Conclusion
Despite the new sensor and processor on X100F, in real world situation the image quality is not much improved over the previous generation of X100 series, dear fuji maybe it's time to change that 23mm f2.0 lens for the next version of X100. Until that happens, i'm going to keep my X100T.

If you never have X100 series in your life before, the X100F is the one to get, it is currently the latest and the greatest of all X100 series cameras. The price though is not cheap, X100F is more expensive than X100T, if $1,399.99 USD not a problem for you, then go get this camera.

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