Saturday, April 29, 2017

10 Similarities between X100F and X-Pro2

X100F and X-Pro2 are both range finder style digital mirrorless camera from fuji, they both share some similarity, some people even refers X100F as a baby X-Pro2, same great image quality but in smaller compact body.

X100F and X-Pro2 similarities
  1. Same Sensor, 24 mega pixels X-Trans CMOS III
  2. Same Processor, X-Processor Pro
  3. Same ISO dial
  4. Same focus selector joystick
  5. Same hybrid viewfinder (OVF/EVF)
  6. Same button layout on the back of the camera, both X100F and X-Pro2 button placement is on the right side, there is no button on the left side.
  7. Same range finder style camera
  8. Same maximum video record which is full HD, no 4K video on both cameras, although technically the hardware is capable.
  9. Same battery, both X100F and X-Pro2 uses NP-W126/ NP-W126s
  10. Same new film simulation 'Acros'

X100F and X-Pro2 differences
  1. X100F is small and compact, X-Pro2 is bigger
  2. X100F is non-removable fix lens, X-Pro2 is interchangeable lens
  3. X100F is not weather resistant, X-Pro2 is weather resistant
  4. X100F has leaf shutter, X-Pro2 has standard focal plane shutter
  5. X100F has built in ND filter, X-Pro2 doesn't have built in ND filter
  6. X100F only have one card slot, X-Pro2 have dual card slot

If you already own X-Pro2, getting the X100F would be nice as second or backup camera, or if you already have X100F and want changing lens then get the X-Pro2.

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