Saturday, April 29, 2017

The reason why i don't switch to X100F

The X100F is the fourth generation of the legendary X100 series camera, it has new sensor 24 megapixels and faster processor, but that doesn't make me want to upgrade, i'm keeping my X100T and here's the reasons why i don't upgrade to the F.

First of all i don't think upgrading my current camera the X100T to X100F is necessary for me because it's not a massive change, the image quality is pretty much the same, just the resolution is higher on the X100F.

It would be different if X100F is using a totally new lens design, if that's the case i would considering to upgrade. If X100F using a new lens, the image quality and focus would be so much better and probably weather sealing can be added too.

All the advance features in X100F is very nice, but not enough to make me upgrade, i still believe that using the newest and the greatest camera doesn't mean it will make me a better photographer. The skill of the photographer itself is more important than the gear.

But that's just me, your case might be different than mine, if you are looking for new camera, that's lightweight, produce excellent image and have retro design plus you don't own any of the previous X100 series camera, then go for it, X100F is a great camera.

If your budget is not enough for a brand new X100F, then look at the second hand X100T or X100S, the original X100 is also good, but i don't recommend it unless you are in very tight budget, because the focusing on the original X100 is terrible (both manual and auto focus).

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