Friday, June 23, 2017

5 reasons why you should buy X100F

5 reasons why you should buy X100F

Here's 5 reasons why you should buy fujifilm X100F (NOTE: these are just my personal opinion)

1. Leaf shutter
One the biggest benefit of using leaf shutter camera like X100F, is that the shutter is very quite, you barely hear sound when pressing the shutter button, it's dead silent which perfect for taking stealth photos in street photography. Another benefit is that the leaf shutter allow us to do high speed sync flash, great for portrait photography.

2. You never own X100 series camera
If you never own X100 series camera before, this probably the right time to experience the X100 series camera. And getting the latest and greatest one is always a good idea, that's why you should consider buying the X100F.

3. You want a camera with a sensor that always clean
Being a non interchangeable lens camera, makes the sensor on fuji X100F always clean, and for me that's a good reason why you should get it.

4. You like the idea of "one camera one lens"
X100F is a mirrorless camera but the lens is not interchangeable, meaning you can't change lenses, you are stuck with the 23mm F 2.0 lens. If you like the idea of one camera one lens, then X100F is perfect for you. Besides the 23mm lens, you can also add conversion lens which will makes the lens become equivalent of 50mm or 28mm focal length. With X100F there is also digital teleconverter, which basically digital crop.

5. The X-Pro2 is too big for you
If you like the range-finder style of X-Pro2, but you hate the size of that camera, then X100F is a good solution. X100F is small and compact but has the same sensor and hybrid viewfinder just like X-Pro2. The only downside is with X100F you can't change the lens.

Obviously, there are more reasons why you should pick up X100F, but those are my top 5 reasons someone should consider buying the fujifilm X100F. Do you agree with my list, or you have different opinion? please comment down below.

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