Monday, May 8, 2017

Must have accessories for X100F

The fujifilm X100F is a great camera, but that doesn't mean it is perfect, there are some accessories that i think can improve your shooting experience, so here's list of must have accessories for fujifilm X100F.

  • Extra batteries
  • One battery is never enough for X100 series camera, it doesn't change with the new X100F, you need to have at least two spare batteries.

  • Soft shutter button
  • Having soft shutter button on X100F will gives you a better feeling when pressing the shutter button, get couple of soft shutter button (the cheap one) for your X100F because they can easily fell off.

  • Third party lens hood
  • Why third party lens hood? because it's a lot cheaper than the original fuji lens hood and adapter ring (LH-100 hood and AR-X100), the purpose of using lens hood on X100F is to prevent flare and to protect the lens. It also makes the camera look cooler.

  • Travel tripod
  • A tripod is also a must have accessories for X100F, using a tripod can give you better stability, specially if you shoot in slow shutter speed. The good thing is, you don't need a big and heavy tripod for X100F, a lightweight travel tripod should be enough. In fact, you can also use smartphone tripod with X100F, since the camera is small and lightweight.

  • External flash + wireless trigger [for portrait shooter]
  • The benefit of having leaf shutter is that you can do high speed sync flash, even on outdoor and during daylight, you really can kill the ambient light. A flash and wireless trigger is a must have if you do a lot of portrait shoot with X100F, otherwise this accessories is optional.

  • Filter kit system [for landscape shooter]
  • A camera without a set of filters is like swimming on the river that have no water at all, for landscape shooter filter is a must. If you don't shoot landscape then this accessories is optional for you.

  • TCL-X100 [for portrait shooter]
  • The TCL-X100 turn the standard 35mm lens on X100F into 50mm lens, the ideal focal length for portrait shoot, must have if you shoot a lot of portrait with X100F

  • WCL-X100 [for landscape shooter]
  • The WCL-X100 turn the standard 35mm lens on X100F into 28mm lens, gives you slightly wider perspective, perfect for landscape shooter and must have if you shoot a lot of landscape with X100F.

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