Saturday, July 8, 2017

Silver or Black X100F, which one to choose?

Silver or Black X100F, which one to choose?

I don't blame you if you get confuse choosing which X100F version you should get, the silver X100F or the black X100F as they both are great looking cameras. I hope this article can help you decided which one you should pick up.

By the way, the silver version of X100F is called 'Silver Argent', while the black is called 'Black Noir', you can see this in the box of X100F. This is the same as the previous generation of X100 cameras (X100T, X100S).

silver argent X100F

I always thought that the black version of X100 series camera, is more stealth, not conspicuous, and unobtrusive compared to the silver version of X100 series camera. The silver is attract more attention when you use it on the street.

But i started to doubt that, in my experience shooting with silver X100 series camera, people are just ignored me, they think i'm a hipster shooting with old camera. Maybe the silver X100 series camera is more stealth than the black one.

One thing to consider is that if you already have accessories for the black version of X100 series camera, like for example black TCL-X100 or black WCL-X100, then getting the silver body will get you mix color when using the conversion lens, unless that's what you want.

Another accessories that you might think is the third party lens hood, it comes in two color silver and black, make sure it match with the body, otherwise it will look weird. And if you have the small fuji flash EF-X20, it looks nicer on a black X100F body.

You wouldn't regret choosing either the black or the silver X100F, they both excellent, but if possible get the silver because it's sexier, unless you already have accessories for black X100 then get the black one.

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