Monday, August 21, 2017

Should i use UV filter on X100F?

Should i use UV filter on X100F?

A lot of people asking this question (people who use X100 series for the first time), should i use UV filter on X100F? UV filter on X100F yay or nay?

If you asked me that question, the answer will be no, you don't need additional UV (Ultra Violet) filter on any X100 series camera not just X100F.

Digital cameras such as fujifilm X100F doesn't need UV filter because the sensor are not sensitive to UV light, unlike film cameras which very sensitive to UV light.

Using UV filter is important if you shoot film cameras but unnecessary if you shoot digital, since X100F is a digital camera, you really don't need UV filter.

In fact, a lot of people believe that putting UV filter in front of the lens will reduce the sharpness of the final image, even if you are using high quality UV filter from top manufacture.

But if you want to protect your lens, UV filter can be very useful, that's probably the only reason why you want to put an UV filter on X100F.

Pros (+)
  • helps protecting the lens

Cons (-)
  • reduce sharpness and overall image quality
  • UV filter causes a loss of image quality 
  • makes the camera looks uglier and builkier
  • possible of heavy vignetting and soft images, specially when using cheap UV filter
  • add more cost to your budget (as you don't have a choice but to buy the most expensive UV filter)

If you really need an UV filter to protect the lens on X100F, my suggestion is to get the most expensive one, don't get the cheap chinese made UV filter ever or you will regret it.

I'm personally don't use UV filter on any of my cameras, without UV filter all of my lenses (including the 23mm f2.0 on X100F) are working just fine and no damage has been made so far.

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